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Dear Craig and Sam,

It's almost 6 months since the first exploratory sessions with you and I need to express my appreciation to you both for the patient, professional and thorough way that you have not only dealt with my continual enquiry, but have conducted yourselves towards me during this daunting period for me. Had I had but one wish in my life, it would have been that someone could wave a wand that would present me with a good set of teeth. It has always been a dream and technology has thankfully advanced to the point where I began believing that this dream might just be attainable.

You have endured my constant questions and you have always made a point of answering these, to the point where your decision to undertake a CT scan fearfully revealed the 'nature of the beast' that I was seeking to overcome. My viewing of that scan was scary and I realized that this was not going to be a straightforward exercise. It did however push me over the edge as I realized that I could really not delay any longer, despite the obvious heavy demand that it would place on me financially and on you as the chosen operators. Your joint meetings did much to effect an understanding of what lay ahead, but more importantly then, I experienced the integrity of your analysis, the preparatory work to inform your decisions and approach and the confidence that you expressed towards your joint ability to do the job.

The intensity of focus when you tackled me first time, the stress that you revealed in your execution of the work and the relief and personal satisfaction you revealed when the worst was over impressed me immensely and as a fellow professional, I really appreciated the focus that you had on my case. That the wand had to resemble a syringe and a drill, I guess was the best advance that technology has made to date, but I think my many, many visits to dental rooms in the past had prepared my for some 'discomfort' before the 'gain'.

You and your teams are about to make my dream come true and that you have been able to place implants in my fragile jaw with 100%+ success - you can not imagine my relief having seen what challenge I had presented. Of course, I am anxious now to progress towards the final fitting which will be the icing on the top! Please express my very sincere appreciation also to your back up staff and to Tatum and Perfect who have made my several visits the more pleasant. The rapport that has developed between us during this process is greatly valued. Keep up the good work and I especially hope that you Craig will be relieved of your stressful 'nights before' once I have moved on to present my new smile to the world.

Great work guys - you have changed my life. I can now live my dream I will not forget, Many, many thanks, 'Mr Hahn'!


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