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Dental Implants are used for various reasons such as to replace a missing tooth or teeth, support an unsteady denture, or replace a denture with a full implant supported bridge. Dental Implants are titanium screws that are placed by a specialist Maxilla-Facial and Oral Surgeon into the jaw bone to replace the root portion of the tooth, after suitable osseo integration period between the implant and the bone anywhere between 3 to 6 months an implant crown is placed onto the implant screw, this is the visible portion of the tooth which is done by Dr Thandar and Associates.

Dental implants are considered to be one of the most successful procedures in dentistry. Studies have shown a 5 year success rate of 95% for the lower jaw and 90% for the upper jaw.

We offer a novel approach to dental implants at our practice whereby we place temporary teeth onto the implant screws immediately after implant placement for front teeth, or for a full arch. We call this procedure Immediate Loading Implants.


Latest technology and advances allows for immediate loading implants, which is a procedure done for patients that are having a full upper or lower clearance and implant placement simultaneously, or in the case of patients that have a full upper or lower denture and wish to replace it with an implant supported structure. In addition it can be used in front tooth implant replacements.

What immediate implant loading means is that 48 hours after your implants have been placed Dr Thandar and Associates can place an intermediate implant bridge. The intermediate implant structure is usually left for a period of 3 to 6 months to allow for suitable osseo integration between the bone and the implants, before it is replaced by the permanent structure.

We utilise both Southern and Nobel Biocare Implants. All patients undergoing extensive implant placement are sent for a CT scan with SIMPLANT formatting, and in some cases to an ENT surgeon to ensure that the nasal sinuses are in order.

There are 3 options when it comes to the implant structures (The replacement teeth):

First Option

A removable denture that is fit onto implant attachments this offers maximum support for dentures – the denture will be able to come in and out.

Second Option

A fixed structure that resembles a denture, this is a non-removable structure that offers good aesthetics.

Third Option

Fixed Implant Bridge – this option closely resembles natural teeth and offers the best in aesthetics, strength and durability. This gives the patient the ability to interact with the doctor as all changes (for example you can adjust the length of the teeth, alter the shape, choose a colour, etc) are made on the intermediate implant structure so when it is time to replace it with the permanents a sophisticated machine called the Zircon Zahn created a replica of the adjusted intermediate structure, in a full ceramic zirconium material.


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