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Cerec Full Ceramic Crowns

Cerec full ceramic crowns replace the enamel portion of your tooth; they are metal free which allows light to pass through like a natural tooth. Cerec full ceramic crowns are made from superior ceramic materials like Ivoclar Emax and Ivoclar Empress, these materials offer great strength and durability with no compromise to aesthetics. In addition the materials are biologically compatible to the oral cavity, and have the strength to withstand your normal biting capacity. Cerec full ceramic crowns are indicated in patients with large fillings on molar and anterior teeth, patients with broken teeth, or that currently have metal based ceramic crowns.step into the dental future, to unique scanning, intuitive software, and efficient milling together with a full range of colours and materials to mimic your natural teeth.

Cerec Veneers

Veneers are the most popular cosmetic dental procedure, sought out by actors, actresses, models and anyone seeking a Hollywood smile. Veneers are ceramic laminates that are bonded onto the front surface of your tooth, to create the prefect dimensions to best suite your individual looks. If you have unsightly, discoloured, chipped or misplaces front teeth, veneers are your answer to the perfect smile. Veneers can reshape, lengthen, recount our and straighten slightly skew teeth. In addition you can get that beautiful white smile by selecting a whiter, brighter shade for the laminate veneers. Veneers will make you want to smile non-stop.

Cerec Ceramic Fillings

Don’t allow old amalgam fillings to ruin your smile and give your teeth a dull grey appearance. Now with Cerec ceramic fillings we can remove the unsightly old amalgam filling and replace it with a highly aesthetic ceramic inlay. Cerec ceramic fillings are highly durable and carry a higher prognosis to secondary decay than amalgam or composite fillings. Cerec ceramic fillings resemble natural tooth structure and give you the confidence to laugh with your mouth open wide.

5 Year Warranty on any procedures performed.


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